Trident Marine is the industry leader in marine hose, wet exhaust and LP gas systems.
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Ask Bill
Marine guru and president of Trident gives sound advice on hose, LP Gas and boat safety.
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Only the best
TRIDENT MARINE brings you the best in marine hose, marine LP gas systems and marine wet exhaust. We believe boaters deserve only the best!
Marine Hose
You'll find hose for all your boating needs: water, fuel, sanitation and wet exhaust.
Marine LP Gas
A wide range of LP gas parts necessary for installing safe LP gas systems on your boat.
Wet Exhaust
High-performance wet exhaust including hoses, bellows, humps and elbows set new standards.



NEW Multi-Purpose Commercial Grade Marine Hose
NEW Single LPG Locker that fits various sizes of propane cylinders

Available in both 11# and 17#

State-of-the-art LPG Control and Detection System