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Elbows & Bellows

NEW Silicone & Rubber Elbows & Hump Hose Bellows provide the ultimate flexible connectors for Marine Wet Exhaust Systems. They offer much greater tolerance to heat , misalignment, engine movement, & vibration, with significant savings in cost, parts, labor and space. Highest max. continuous operating temps.
Molded Black Hi Temp: EPDM Rubber 250°F (121°C).
Blue Very Hi Temp:
Silicone 350°F (177°C).
Red Xtra Hi Temp:
Silicone 500°F (260°C). Silicone (Blue VHT and Red XHT), also available with 4 to 6 ply reinforcement. Same temps, but higher pressure resistance for coolant, turbocharger, etc. applications. All exceed New (SAE J2006, ABYC and NMMA) Stds.** (see below). Black High Temp EDPM Rubber 250°F (121°C). See Marine Wet Exhaust Systems Catalog. ISO 13363 Std. Pending.

2" to 18"
50.8 to 457mm

Black, Blue & Red

Bulk or Boxed w/ 4 Stainless Steel

T-bolt Clamps


**Wet exhaust hose connections: recommend double clamping with stainless steel T-bolt or Constant-Torque clamps. Nomex® is a trademark of e.i DuPont.


Wet Exhaust
Elbows & Bellows


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