LPG System

1211-1411 Wall Mount Regulator

LPG Regulator

1211-1411 Wall Mount Regulator

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UL Listed, die cast body with 3/8” FTP outlet is assembled with 300 psi leak test gauge (low profile, water tight, stainless steel), and wall mount brackets. Connect pigtail hose (item 1014-1415-20 or 1014-1401-20) to regulator inlet and one or more cylinders (one at a time). By mounting on wall this low pressure regulator saves space in LPG locker, especially when adding a solenoid valve, manifold, gas grill connection tee, etc. 100% leak tested – meets ABYC Marine LPG Standard.

Dimensions: 6.5” H  x 3.25” W x 3.25”D

100,000 BTU per hour

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